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How do I get my Partner to Listen to me?

Many couples I see are frustrated by their partner who ‘doesn’t hear me’ or ‘doesn’t listen to me’. It can be very isolating when you aren’t heard and can’t seem to get through to your partner until it’s too late and either one or the other gives up. Here are some very successful ways to improve communication with your partner:Be clear about what you want and what you need. Say to your partner : ‘I feel’_____ and ‘I need’ ______. Keep it that simple.

Get his/her attention before speaking about important topics by making eye contact or touching your partner on the shoulder to get his/her attention.

Ask your partner what the two of you can do about it together.

Don’t blame, shame, ridicule , demand or bring up the past. (Save that for your therapy session)

Thank your partner for listening and if you feel closer tell your partner (to motivate them toward repeating the same positive behavior).

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