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Are you stuck in the feeling of being overwhelmed, frustrated not able to move forward?

Do you have dreams and hopes that you can not quite reach and you are ready for a personal breakthrough? Then you have found the right place to be.

In today’s time, it can feel like everything is pulling us in different directions and life can become rushed and distracting. The increasing demands in forms of work, texts, cell phones, Facebook, TV, home life can make us feel like we are out of our control.

As a result, many of us become so consumed by our responsibilities and daily life events that we need to do, we can become “stuck” in a state of frustration and procrastination. Many times we have no idea how to get unstuck and set on course.

“I’m so frustrated and fearful for what my future holds”., “I ‘m stuck”, “I feel trapped.” , “I’ve wasted my life” I hear this often from my clients who want more and still have dreams they would like to see come to pass. But you are not alone, Even the most determined, successful and focused people get into these “ruts”. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you have been through or your age you can still see those dreams pass. You can still all you have desired. It is not to late, there are no time limits.

This is where I can help you. I’ve experienced all of this myself. I have been in places that I have thought there is no way out. Through my experience and through my training in life I can help you to accomplish what at this time may feel like the impossible. You do not need a self help book or even another motivational speech. Sometimes what we really need is that other person who has gone through it, survived it and excelled past it. That person is me.

What makes me different from other coaches? Experience in many areas of life. There is an old saying “Been there and done that”. But it’s more than that I see each person as an individual and I set a plan for each person. We may have similar experiences, feelings and events in our lives but we are all different and we all need to hear, see things in a different light. The text book standard is not for everyone. I work with the individual, creating a plan and giving guidance to you and specifically you.

If you are ready to:

  • Break free from limiting believes
  • Improve your confidence so you can walk away with a “I can do …” attitude.
  • Overcome fear
  • Define and set your short term and long term goals.
  • Gain clarity on your idea life, and vision for your future.
  • End your procrastination by focusing on one goal at a time,
  • Discover the real you.
  • Remove self sabotaging behaviors
  • Become the vision you see.

Then now is the time to contact me for your free 30 minute consultation. My goal is to see your goal come to be. My hope is that you will live beyond all measure and succeed in all areas of your life. Beyond all the self-doubt, fear, and frustration is everything you have ever dream. Don’t make life wait any longer. Discover the real you today.

Contact me today at [email protected], or at 67-215-1474, or through facebook. 1 Life Coaching


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