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I am dedicated to helping you to finding more satisfaction in your life. That may be via your career, or that may be more from focus on work life balance, stress management or simply improving yourself. I am a career coach and a life coach. The last 30 years I have had a successful career from secretary to marketing director at IBM. In parallel, I was learning CBT techniques and how to maintain work life balance so that I could improve my quality of life and level of happiness.

I know what it is to suffer. To doubt myself. To forget who I am to try to please someone else. To be afraid to let go and love. To watch my loved ones suffer and be unable to help. To feel responsible for things beyond my control. To want to escape my choices, my responsibilities. To feeling overwhelmed with work pressures. To crying because my boss was such an asshole to me.

And I know what it is to rise above that suffering and live a blessed life.

I am 50 this year. Someone told me not to mention my age – not everyone relates to being 50. But I think everyone relates to life changing events and moments. We all have them. Deciding what to do at the end of high school. At the end of college. Getting married. Having a child.

There are so many moments in time when we are transforming into something, someone else. It’s often painful and usually not simple. Crossroads. What we choose. What we leave behind.

Stages of transformation snapshot

  • From Tampa, high school
  • to New York – Fordham, then Segal Company and City College – a whole lifetime in three years.
  • To Paris and 19 years in France – being a student free from worries, getting married
  • To motherhood and recurring depression and motherhood again
  • To years of striving to be a mother and a wife and have a career
  • To family psychological drama to the tsunami in Patong
  • To a new life for the family in Florida
  • To working from home and becoming an executive
  • To standing by my husband’s scary surgeries and health issues
  • To becoming a grandmother, and a mother-in-law
  • To being an almost empty nester
  • To having an incredibly explosive melt down and burnout
  • To leaving my career of 23 years to stay close to my family
  • To launching this website and business venture

Improving quality of life

I have reinvented myself again and again. I have suffered some tragic and scary moments in life, with my husband and family. I think in some ways it makes us a tighter knit family than some. We know we’ll have each other’s backs. We take care of each other. I am still in awe that my children are old enough to do that too, but there you go.

Over the years, I have searched for tools and tricks to help me to manage my anxiety and stress. I have always questioned and proactively managed my quality of life and work life balance. This has lead me to amazing authors and teachers like the Dalai Llama, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Tony Robbins. I was introduced to Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques first by Jean-Marc Leone and studied them closely over the years. My coaching and the tools and techniques you’ll find on my site are heavily inspired from CBT.

I am no perfect person. I still have a long way to go to master my anxiety. I will suffer again from depression. I’d love to believe it will be enough all the work I have put into it, but it’s a medical condition too, and I’m nowhere near done with menopause. My hormones aren’t done messing with me. But I have learned to roll with the ebb and flow of life. You can try to fight it or you can just go with it. When I learned to do that, once I defined my life priorities, I began to move through life with some grace and peace.

If I can help others to accomplish that same sense of grace and peace by sharing all the philosophies and tricks and tools I have learned, and continue to learn, I will be truly blessed in life.

Taking control of your career

From my first job at a Little Caesars Pizza joint, I never stayed still in a role.  I sought out interesting job tasks, learned hard and fast and kept moving to the next level wherever I went. I believe you can do the same, whatever job you are in. My value as a career coach and trainer comes from 35 years of getting ahead without ruining my work life balance.

Some things in my career happened by chance, but the big changes and shifts came because I made life choices and decided I wanted to head in a new direction.  I had a vision of something and I went out and made it happen. But that takes planning. And that takes ongoing time and focus. You will rarely (I do so hate saying never) change your life from your couch.  My career coaching is based on a few basic concepts.

Be willing to invest the time

Know yourself and your work values

Never stop learning – continuously evolve your skills

Create and maintain a network – including sponsors and mentors

I also went through quite a process before I decided to become a life and career coach. I enjoy helping others through that process to make their own self discovery about what the right next career step is for them. Check out the testimonial from my first customer!


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