Shannon Mack, CLC, CSLC
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Shannon Mack, CLC, CSLC passionately helps others transform and reconnect to the core of their being – The Soul – so that they can live their truth, knowing that every step is divinely guided.


The Shadow Oracle is a community for all things personal and spiritual transformation featuring insights, guidance, products, and services to help you understand and embrace the current challenges and/or changes you face – transform from the inside out – and live an authentic life full of joy, passion, and purpose!



Pressure from external influences combined with life’s many ups and downs can make it easy to lose sight of ourselves and feel disconnected from both our inner and outer worlds.


When this happens, we begin to act unconsciously and it can seem like we don’t know who we are anymore as we become lost souls, searching for true meaning, authenticity, and, well…happiness.


You knew who you were at one point…Are you ready to find yourself again, outside of the conditioning and expectations of the ego, society, and others?


The Decoded Shadow Program is broken down into five (5) phases and designed to help you navigate through your shadows and false perceptions and find inner peace so that you can realign with your true essence.


This course would be ideal for those who:
.: Feel ‘called’ or a strong sense to enroll
.: Are ready for self-empowerment and improved self-worth
.: Are on a journey of personal and/or spiritual transformation
.: Feel called on a different path but can’t put a finger on it
.: Want to stop living life according to others
.: Want to live a life of authenticity, joy, passion, and purpose
.: Are ready to thrive unapologetically as the TRUE YOU!

Are you ready to retake control of your life?


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