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What I do : I provide one on one sessions were we will meet via zoom between 45min- 1 hour , 1 or 2 days out of the week for up to 1 full year. During my sessions I use strategic questioning , cognitive behavioral techniques and law of attraction exercises to dig deep into your true desires/goals. We will come with up an realistic action plan to reach your goals/desires and ways to make sure you stay on track. We will reveal your limiting belief systems and rewrite new ones. You will learn the power of manifestation and how the law of attraction can work in your favor.

Who to serve – I help women and men 21-35 who grew up without much support from family or friends and now struggle with insecurities within themselves like lack of confidence which holds them back from their full potential and those who are seeking true happiness and clarity on their purpose.

Why should you book : you will gain the clarity needed to figure out what you truly want out of life. You will have a concrete plan and an accountability partner to keep you on track. You will gain more confidence personal development and business development , you will have an entire new outlook on yourself and life. You will be equipped with the resources you need to get whatever you desire out of life going forward.


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