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There is a better way, in fact – I want to help you find YOUR BEST WAY!

You deserve to have all the time money and freedom you need to live the life you truly desire and leave a legacy you’re proud of, without having to make stupid sacrifices or lose all sense of balance.

You Deserve to Be Successful and You Deserve to Fully THRIVE!

and I want to help you do it.

I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people just like you find their best way and get on the fast track to enjoying the life and work of their dreams and I would be honored to help you too.

The first key to Thriving is to tune into you and find your own unique Personal Genius.  What matters or works for everyone else doesn’t matter. What matters is what is best for you. You are unique (we all are) with certain God-given gifts, talents, preferences and abilities and the way to be more successful is to live into those gifts and all that makes you uniquely you.

When we can operate authentically, with full confidence, as our truest selves then we’re in our zone of personal genius where everything is easier, more fun, more productive, and more rewarding. We have less stress, more energy, more time, more success, and more fulfillment.

What is your Personal Genius? Are you fully Thriving?

For much of my life I had no clue, was following what “everyone else says” and I wasn’t Thriving either. It’s ok. Give yourself some grace (I know I had to). It’s not like we’re taught this stuff in school or something. I had to figure it out the hard way but you don’t have to. I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible so they can have it a little easier.

My message and mission doesn’t have to resonate with everyone (ps- yours doesn’t have to either) but if it resonates with you I hope you will connect with me.

If you’re ready to get more in touch with you. If you’re ready to Thrive more fully in your life and your work, then I would be honored to help you shine your light and Thrive!

To Your Success 🎇 Namaste, Candice

From Candice with gratitude:

I am soooooo grateful that I get to live my purpose with passion every single day and I thank each and every one of my clients and partners that put their trust in me and make this possible.

My Passion is inspiring individuals to find their best selves and reach their full potential so they can be more Success-Full and More fully THRIVE!

I believe that everything is an evolution and if we stop growing, innovating, and improving we might as well be dead.

We are all here to serve a unique purpose and to do something special and significant with our lives. The key is to figure out what that is and to have the courage to make it happen.

Success is not a one-size-fits-all proposition the key is to make it work for YOU!

I am grateful that I get to live my life adding value to others by using my God-given gifts, talents and abilities.

I am Blessed to be able to have a positive impact on the lives of others and it would be an honor to serve you.

Be Success-Full and Fully THRIVE!


About Candice & Thriverz – Inspirational, Intuitive Success Catalyst @

Candice created Thriverz to shine light on the power of self-awareness and authenticity, living in our Genius, doubling down on our strengths, and celebrating individual differences.

Thriverz exists to inspire, motivate and equip people to better relate to themselves (others & environments) so that they can cultivate their best success and actually make it their reality.

Candice is tenacious about lifelong learning and has dedicated her entire life to helping and serving others and getting results for her clients. She is passionate about adding value to those who add value to others.

The true measure of her worth to you is in the results she produces but just in case you’re wondering if she has any credentials to go along with her results – she’s got them too.  Her coaching is all done virtually (in English) so you can meet with her wherever you feel most comfortable: home, office, or your favorite park or cafe – any where in the world. She’s the personal Success Catalyst you want by your side.

Credentials for Candice Czaplak:

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Social-Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Motivational Coach
  • Personality Expert: Certified MBTI – Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator of Personality Practitioner
  • DISC – Behavioral Styles Expert
  • Certified Innermetrix Consultant
  • Innermetrix Advanced Insights Certified – AIC
  • Certified DISC Index – Behavior Style
  • Certified Values Index – Motivation & Engagement
  • Certified Attribute Index – Brain Wiring
  • Certified Growth & Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the world-renowned John Maxwell Team
  • Graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program – altMBA18
  • Business networking and referral-based sales/marketing expert
  • Certified Networker Program Graduate
  • Past BNI (Business Networking International) leader and trainer
  • Past Referral Institute (now Ascentive) Certified Trainer
  • Achieved BA in Psychology and BA in Human Services (Magna-Cum Laude, w/Highest Distinction, Honors Program & Thesis)
  • Graduate study in MS Counseling (4.0 gpa)
  • Graduate Study MBA Business Administration (4.0 gpa)
  • Successful service-based business entrepreneur of over 15 years (multiple businesses)
  • 10+ year member of NAWBO, The National Association of Women Business Owners and past local Board of Directors member

You can learn more about Candice Czaplak the inspirational, intuitive Success Catalyst at
On a personal note:

Candice spent her first couple of decades in the Buffalo/Lewiston area of Western New York (Go Bills!). She did a little college and early marriage galivanting in Indiana, Tennessee and lived for 3 years in Bamberg, Germany.

She finally ditched the snow about 10 years ago and now lives in sunny central Florida with her husband (one and only) and two teenage boys. Family is her everything.

She loves singing, volleyball, sunsets, water, co-creating epiphanies, catalyzing success and all things Spirit, nature, and family.

Be Blessed. Be Grateful. Be Impactful.

Shine Your Light. Live in Love. Be Your Best Self.

❤🙏 Namaste



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