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FIND YOUR FIRE + THRIVE Personal Coaching

– Are you stuck in a rut?
– Do you feel lost and don’t really know where you want to go?
– Are you scared to take a chance, is fear getting in the way of your dreams?
– Are you going through a divorce or a period of transition, uncertainty?
– Do you feel there’s more to life, do you feel you’re on the wrong path?
– Is there a little spark inside you and wish to turn that spark into a roaring fire?

Find Your Fire + Thrive can offer guidance, motivation, inspiration, confidence, and the courage YOU need as well as practical solutions to help you overcome your fear and take a leap of faith to allow you to reach your ultimate destination and live the life you deserve, to be happy and fulfilled.

You may be in a transitional phase in your life and you feel lost, without a clear direction or no direction in mind. You may need a little kick, nudge, push, to get you to move forward as fear may be keeping you down. No matter what is happening in your life you need someone to guide you and to help you discover your true gifts, your true passion, what you might be great at and help you conquer your fear & thrive.

No matter what is happening in your life, or happened is somewhat irrelevant to this coaching other then it can explain why you are where you are – but it’s time to make a change for the better as this is all about moving forward and changing or altering the course of your life in a practical, pragmatic way.

I’d love to be your guide, your confident & sounding board, your motivator, your pragmatic problem solver, the one that will make you accountable for your decisions, the one that will push your to greater heights. I truly want you to be happy and thrive.

So Join me for a fun adventure, of self-discovery and confidence building – Together we’ll find what’s burning inside you and turn your spark into a roaring fire!!!


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