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  • Address & Map Link: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Coaching women looking to find purpose and live their true potential.

    MISSION: Without judgement to assist individuals to uncover hidden beliefs and establish healthy thoughts so they can act out wholeheartedly and live the life they choose.

    VALUES: Nicole believes we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. She also believes we are all doing the absolute best we know how. Considering this she honours these values by behaving with integrity, compassion and optimism with all beings regardless of their circumstance or perspective.

    VISION: To create a world where self-limiting beliefs are abandoned allowing individuals to behave and act out of compassion instead of acting out of fear. To empower others to live a healthy, fun and compassionate life which in turn will create a happier world.

    INSPIRATION: Life itself.

    Tingley Life Coaching is committed to helping women evoke transformation in their lives allowing them to break free from self-limiting beliefs and live out a life that reflects their truth. This in turn will help individuals create clarity as to what they really want and establish their own means to get there.

    As a Life Coach, Nicole assists in bringing awareness and authenticity to the emotions of her clients so that they can make better choices and move effortlessly into action. She does this by fostering an atmosphere of listening, curiosity, self-management, intuition and deepening thoughts.

    The relationship between Nicole and her clients is unilateral allowing the discussions and focus to be 100% on where the client is at that very moment. Her objective is to remain present in the here & now so her clients feel liberated to express their “in this moment” emotions. This allowance is what enables others to become clear and transparent on their true desires.

    Whether it’s in her client’s awesomeness or in the challenging places of her client’s inner and outer lives Nicole’s sole purpose as a Life coach is to guide her client to build the courage to deepen their thoughts, uncover self-limiting beliefs and progress towards making decisions that reflect who they really want to be instead of what their emotions are telling them to be.


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