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“Everything worth having requires some effort and attention”.

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Sometimes the world around us can feel too much.
The problems are building up and the walls are closing in. Such times may leave us feeling powerless, overwhelmed by confusion and unmet expectations. We are screaming for help but for some unknown reason, we are not being heard. Spiralling in despair there comes a point where our minds start breaking under the pressure.

We pull ourselves together, patch the cracks and carry on.
Years in, we are living in this fragile world, spending most of our time patching and fixing our relationships to prevent the collapse. And when the inevitable happens, we are lost, because we no longer know how to live life in any other way. By this time, we are so disconnected from ourselves that even the idea of enjoying life is now alien to us.

Well, no more! Enough is enough.
We only get one shot at life, let’s make it count. Yes, we all have a history and we all did things that we now definitely would have done ‘better’. But the past is the past, so let’s embrace it for what it is – an opportunity to learn. We can’t change what already happened, but we most certainly can make use of our experiences by learning from them, so that we can make a more educated decision right now that will set up a path to a more loving future.

Right now you are facing a choice.
Spend your present in your past or draw a line and start creating your life, your way. This decision is yours and it may be the one that will fill your life with love and understanding and I am here to help you along and guide you in the direction of your choice.

Begin where you are, doing what you can.


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