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Let’s be practical. Sarbojit is not God.

But he can definitely impart you the strength to achieve what you must and the wisdom to see meaning in even what you fail to achieve. He is a freelance Personal Life Coach and Go-To Guy for things professional that need just a different take.

At times, his counseling is just too accurate and at times you know…. But every time they take you closer to the truth that liberates.

He has been practicing his art, an eclectic mix of Freudian Psychology, years of training at the University of Hard Knocks (that’s life for the uninitiated) and pure Horse Wit, for more than twenty-five years now. He is the ‘bestest’ friend you can have who can give you workable solutions on issues ranging from

  1. Finding the perfect sync between your inner most desires and present circumstances.
  2. Near accurate suggestions for choosing the most promising career paths, subjects for University level study and lines of business depending on one’s hidden strengths and present circumstances.
  3. Just any issue where you think you should talk to someone who can peep into the other side of the context that to you is your blind spot.


Please read the testimonials for learning more about how exactly he can help you.

That’s enough of talking about myself in the third person.

I am a typical army kid. I changed about half-a-dozen schools before turning seventeen (my father retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Indian Army and practice as a General Surgeon). Currently, I am engaged in a globe-trotting corporate job and play father to the most curious baby in the world. Since a very young age, I was intrigued by failures, personal and otherwise.

I wanted an answer. Humans are not designed to fail.

My first consultations consisted almost exclusively of strategizing on the puppy loves of my teenage friends and cousins. I delved deeper into the science as I grew and through my interest and stints at start-ups, bellwethers and stalwarts I began seeing an entirely different dimension.

It changed my perspective. More importantly, it convinced me that humans could be re-wired to succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

I did not become an overnight sensation. But my accuracy has skyrocketed in the last eight years I have been practicing the art.

Today, my aim is to help the maximum number of people reach their maximum potential. (That sounds a little abstract, right.) I am currently exploring it as a research question along with scholars on the subject (I call it Expectation Management) from some of the best business schools in the world.

Do get in touch for a free five-minute analysis of one question connected to an important area of your life that you have not been able to find a satisfactory answer to. I would love to see you win the situation.* (*Conditions Apply)


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