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Sudeep Chandra, Life Coach with habit adoption emphasis

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Life coaching is great. There isn’t an education paradigm that can come close to it. However, it is important to realize that if everybody went for life coaching then everybody would invariably come out happy for ever after. Indeed that is the aim. How ever, the results can and do vary.

The reason results vary is because habits take precedence over everything. They form a significant portion of our subconscious behavior. Realizing this, my life coaching program will endeavor to create a life coaching with an imprint of permanence.

Since 2009 I have been involved in creation of various models for human behavior in the form of iOS apps. I was the first one to develop the habit check app in 2009 and then numerous followed. Right now in my life coaching practice, I am using my own platform in the form of iOS and Android apps that I use to assign habits and track those to create a carefully calibrated course of life.

Metaphorically, habits are like the roads. To get from one point to another, a road-map is helpful. That is life coaching. However, ability to follow that road-map to get to your destination is what Habit Check Life Coaching is about.

Welcome and I hope that I am able to serve you and that you are able to gain from it.



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