Theresa Heyes, Divorce Coach

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  • Address & Map Link: 2660 Townsgate Road #780, Westlake Village, CA 91361, USA
  • Tel: 818-312-4850
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  • Divorce is an emotional process, doubt, anger, fear, anxiety, the unknown. The legal and financial aspects of divorce are addressed by attorneys. This is the ‘what’ of divorce. The emotional aspects is the ‘how’ of the divorce and is rarely addressed. How are you going to move on? How to manage stress through the process? How to help your children with the transitions? How to co-parent respectfully? How to express your needs so that you are heard? How to find calm moments? How to get ready to move on? How to transform your life? How to heal?

    These are some of the questions I address as a Divorce Coach. I work with clients prior to divorce to develop clarity and vision for the process. I work with clients during the divorce process to maintain focus and reduce stress. I work with clients post-divorce to restructure their lives and move on to the possibilities that life holds.

    Call me at 818-312-4850 to talk about how I can help you!


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